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Custom Guitars


Putting my woodworking skills to the test and finding a real passion in luthiery after building my own guitar through a kit; I found way to making guitars completely from scratch. Each guitar I build has forced me to learn more and become a greater skilled craftsman and artisan. My process begins with the tree itself, looking for interesting and beautiful pieces of wood, many of which I mill myself. From there I attempt to shape an instrument that is unique and exceptional. So I am offering to share these skills and this experience with the public. Each guitar I build will be a journey for both me as the builder as well as for the player. A truly custom experience. As a guitarist myself, I understand the will to have a guitar that is completely customized and personalized to my own playing style and I hope to help other guitarists achieve not only the playability of a custom instrument, but also the aesthetics that match that person's style. I strive to accomplish the highest quality for anything that I build, and I take pride in the knowledge that every instrument I craft is an example of my dedication.

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